by Sue Anne Tay

Ala-Too Square Bishkek

Two men stroll through Ala-Too Square, Bishkek’s main square in the city centre.

Kyrgyzstan Turkish Manas University

The entrance to one of the campuses of the Kyrgyzstan Turkish Manas University which is strongly supported by the Turkish government.

Bishkek Osh Highway

Horses race along the Bishkek-Osh highway that runs north to south from the country’s capital to the second largest city in the south.

Jalalabad Market Russian Salads

A ethnic Russian Kyrgyz boy stands in front of a colorful array of cold salads in a food bazaar in Jalalabad, a southern city in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan Presidential Palace Bishkek

A view from outside the Kyrgyzstan Presidential Palace in Bishkek. During the Tulip Revolution in 2005, opposition forces protesting corruption, stormed the palace, forcing out the then-President President Askar Akayev.

Osh Presidential Candidate

A political rally is underway in Osh city in southern Kyrgyzstan in October 2011. The candidate was a Osh official, Bakir Uulu, a candidate seen as a soft-Islamist and eager for the US to move its military presence out of Kyrgyzstan.

Jalalabad Market Osh Blue Woman

An elder woman strolls through the back alleys of the trade bazaar in Jalalabad, a southern city in Kyrgyzstan.

Market Scene in Osh

A typical market scene in Osh, the southern and second largest city in Kyrgyzstan.

Interview with Kyrgyz politician Bishkek

A Kyrgyz politician is interviewed by a correspondent for a local television station.

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